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Shredding Services - Paper Document Shredding & Electronic Media Destruction

DocuSafe offers certified shredding services including paper shredding & electronic document destruction to companies in NY, NJ & PA.

We have all heard horror stories about printed and electronic information falling into the wrong hands. Document destruction is an essential part of records management that ensures confidential or sensitive information about your company, customers, vendors and employees remains secure. Shredding printed documents is an important part of keeping your business in compliance with legislation, not to mention maintaining your retention schedules and freeing up valuable storage space. Plus recent electronic data breeches show that companies will be held legally accountable.

Peace of Mind - Secure Paper Document Shredding Services

Our shredding services feature the utmost in security and service you've come to trust from DocuSafe. Why use one vendor for records management and another for shredding? DocuSafe's document shredding service features:

  • Certified & Secure Off-Site Paper Shredding
  • Lockable Containers On-Site at Your Facility
  • Choice of Furniture Consoles or Industrial Rolling Containers
  • Driver Pick-Up at Your Facility Either As Needed or According to a Regular Schedule
  • Completely Secure Transfer from On-Site Bins to Our Locked Trucks for Transportation to Our Secure Document Shredding Facility
  • Your Material is Off-Loaded and Shredded Under the Plant Manager's Supervision
  • We Provide You with a Certificate of Destruction Confirming the Material was Destroyed

Let us protect your organization's sensitive information from theft and misuse.

Ensure Compliance with Electronic Media Destruction

While there is great awareness today about the handling of sensitive paper records, the secure destruction of your electronic media is just as critical. One tape or disk can contain thousands of records with sensitive information making the potential exposure for your company great should the electronic media fall into the wrong hands.

DocuSafe can destroy a wide range of electronic media including:

  • Magnetic Tape
  • Hard Drives
  • X-rays

Count on DocuSafe's document destruction team to ensure your company is in compliance with the latest laws and regulations governing the secure destruction of your firm's sensitive records. We make it our business to protect you from the risks of identity theft, fraud and misuse of sensitive information, so you can focus on your core business.

Protect Yourself with Secure Shredding Services & Certified Document
Destruction...Contact DocuSafe Today!

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