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secure_remote_access secure_remote_access

Discover Secure Remote Access Technology:
Remote Data Access to Your Vital Records

DocuSafe offers secure remote access to your vital records. Our web-based remote data access provides
maximum speed & convenience in records retrieval.

Behind the DocuSafe records management service is a powerful web-based remote data access system. Our exclusive Web-Server Module program lets you track and control your records using bar code tracking at the box or file level. This secure remote access system allows you convenient, real-time Internet access to your vital records.

Web-Server Module - Secure Remote Access Features

  • secure_remote_accessLook up and search files by date, division or department.
  • remote_data_accessGenerate charges allocated by department.
  • Remote_Access_ServiceCheck the status of files, boxes or tapes.
  • web_based_remote_accessEnter box, file or tape descriptions.
  • Remote_Access_ServicePrint reports and send messages.
  • secure_remote_accessPlace work orders quickly and easily.
  • remote_data_accessCreate customized, secure remote access plans you can manage from your own computer.
DocuSafeOur staff also has full remote computing technology: drivers carry hand-held computers and receipt printers that electronically validate record keeping. It's seamless and fully integrated coverage, and it's the ultimate guarantee of accurate, accessible safekeeping.

Secure Remote Access to Your Vital Records Has Never Been Easier -
Contact DocuSafe About Web-Based Remote Data Access Today!

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