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DocuSafe: Where Mum's the Word In Document Security
by Barbara Figge Fox

General Manager Marvin Parker stands in the fireproof vault that stores electronic media. If you walk through the underground stacks of a university library and let your imagination run amok, you can imagine the thousands upon thousands of books, stacked on head-high shelves, each with a different story to tell.

If you walk into the Robbinsville facility of Docusafe, you see thousands upon thousands of boxes, stacked giant high. They also have a story to tell - of someone's happy or sad past or of some company's prosperous or disastrous history. Records from law firms, accounting firms, and insurance companies - the box-filled racks march down the sides of the cavernous warehouse.
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Welcome to DocuSafe eNews

Marvin Parker, General Manager

Each month the DocuSafe team looks forward to providing you important information and helpful tips that will help you make the most of your DocuSafe services - our goal is to make your job easier and to keep you better informed. Look for links to industry news, events and other useful information.

JANUARY 2011 - Introducing... Smart Warehousing of Your Business Assets

DocuSafe is pleased to announce that we now offer Asset Management Warehousing - the smart way to manage your business assets from furniture and computers, to office supplies and product inventory. In the next few issues of this newsletter I'll highlight our new Asset Management Warehousing service and give you more details about the exciting capabilities this service provides our customers.

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FEBRUARY 2011 - 6-Months of Asset Imaging Services - Free

If you are interested in managing your business assets efficiently whether furniture and computers, or office supplies and product inventory, our new Asset Management Warehousing service could be for you. In the next few issues I will continue to share more details about the exciting capabilities this new service provides our customers.

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MARCH 2011 - Web Interface Makes Managing Your Assets a Breeze

If you have been following our newsletter you know that we are excited to introduce our new Asset Management Warehousing service. This powerful new service let's you manage your business assets efficiently whether furniture and computers, or office supplies and product inventory. This is our 3rd and final article in a series featuring this new service.

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APRIL 2011 - When the Unexpected Happens

Though most companies know the benefits of storing their paper files off site, fewer understand the importance of utilizing a data storage company to store their electronic data. Whether a small company or a large corporation, all businesses rely on data. In this digital age, records are no longer just mounds of paper kept in boxes, but are maintained on file shares, disks, and tapes.

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MAY 2011 - Why Media Data Integrity is More Important than Ever

At DocuSafe we are concerned about the integrity of your media not only when in storage here at our facility but also in transport to and from. Did you know that the types of containers you use to pack tapes and disks for storage can impact the integrity of the data?

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JUNE 2011 - Industry Trends from the 2011 PRISM Conference

The conference always provides learning opportunities for the attendees and this year was especially important as we watch the continuingly changing laws regarding how corporate documents must be protected and properly preserved. Here at DocuSafe we make it our top priority to stay on top of these legalities so that you can relax and focus on your business.

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JULY 2011 - Security of Your Information - Our Highest Priority

If you have been reading the news these days you are well aware of the importance of securing your organization's sensitive information. As legislation holds companies increasingly accountable for the security of customer information, the stakes are growing greater and greater.

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AUGUST 2011 - Automated Online Backup - Protect Your Critical Data

As a client of DocuSafe we know that you are concerned about the protection and secure storage of your business critical information. Most of our clients do regular system backups to tape, which is an essential part of any records management process. But did you know that 20% of tape-based recoveries fail? And studies show that many companies backing up to tape never test that their tape recovery is actually working! In addition, it is estimated that 30% of all files become corrupted each year, plus one in 20-25 laptops are stolen, broken or destroyed each year.

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SEPTEMBER 2011 - Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning

No one likes to think of the worst case scenarios; however the recent earthquake, hurricane and subsequent widespread flooding here in the northeast certainly underscore the need for every business to be prepared for the worst.

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